Learn to Meditate

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Our secret formula for success:

  • We make meditation SIMPLE & EASY

    We break meditation down into small, bite-size pieces, so it feels easy and simple to do. We know from experience that if meditating doesn’t feel easy, you’re not going to do it.

  • We provide lots of ONGOING SUPPORT

    Once you become personally trained by Light Watkins, you will continue to receive regular accountability emails and unlimited support directly from Light and his colleagues.

  • We encourage COMMUNITY

    We’ve taught thousands of people to meditate, and you will have free access to tons of community events, like weekly group meditations and meditation refresher courses.

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Upcoming trainings

You start the live meditation instruction by attending an Intro to Meditation session where you meet with Light and hear him discuss the in's and out's of meditation. Then and there, you can decide if you'd like to take the comprehensive training, which usually starts the next day, and continues over four 90-minute sessions over four consecutive days. Sessions are generally scheduled before or after work hours. Select your preferred date below:

Books & digital offerings

We highly recommend live instruction when possible, as there is no substitute for being shown personally how to meditate. But if you don't live in one of the cities where Light offers live instruction, there are alternative ways of learning meditation, including Light's book, The Inner Gym, his audio course, and his Basic Meditation Principles video course, which is the most comprehensive option for learning. Click your desired option below for more information:

Upcoming meditation retreats

Retreats are the perfect way to get out of your daily routine and invest time and attention in your practice. Plus, on retreat, you'll have a unique opportunity to explore deeper knowledge, more advanced techniques of meditating, and best of all, connect with other meditators in a meaningful way. Click your desired retreat option below for more information:

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