Learn how to meditate

Welcome to Begin Meditating, where you can learn how to meditate in the easiest way. We offer live instruction with Vedic Meditation teacher, Light Watkins. If you live outside of Los Angeles, New York or Chicago, we offer a Basic Meditation Principles training online so you can learn to meditate from anywhere in the world.
To ensure that you get the most benefit from your daily meditation practice, all of our instruction includes ongoing support from our team of meditation experts. Select how you would like to get started from our list of offerings below, and we look forward to helping you become a daily meditator.
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Live meditation courses

Since Light reframed what meditation was for me, I am able to practice more effectively than ever before. I get to enjoy the journey of meditation, free of the frustrations I used to be confronted by.
”Osher ”Host,
Thank God I listened to my gut and jumped at the opportunity to learn meditation with Light. One of the best things I’ve ever done.
”Parker ”Actor,
Meditation took away my senseless worries and gave me a deeper, more  peaceful meaning and way of life.
”Torrey ”Actress,
My stress and anxiety gradually dissipated after learning meditation with Light.
”Daniel ”Producer,

Meditation has quite literally changed my life.  For more than 2 years, those moments I spend disengaging and recharging have made me much healthier mentally & physically.  I’m lucky to have found Light.

- ”Michael, ”CEO,