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You begin by coming to one of our free monthly Intro to Meditation sessions either in midtown or in Brooklyn, where author, meditation teacher, and TEDx speaker Light Watkins will provide you with a complementary overview of the Vedic Meditation technique and course of instruction. After this session, you may enroll in one of Light's basic meditation trainings, which will provide you with everything you need to meditate easily and successfully, plus ongoing support from Light with no expiration date. The training is offered on a sliding-scale, and you may begin as early as the next day if space is available. Light also offers private and corporate courses upon request.

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Training Schedule

  • Intro to Meditation Session

    You must attend this orientation to take the course.

  • Training Session One

    You begin receiving personal instruction.

  • Training Session Two

    You learn everything you need to become self sufficient.

  • Training Session Three

    We examine meditation from every angle, so you meditate with confidence.

  • Training Session Four

    You complete the initial course, and now you have unlimited access to all future courses, with no expiration date.

Meet Light

"Possession of material wealth, without inner peace, is like bathing in a lake while dying of thirst."

- Paramahansa Yogananda

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